Tucson Blood and Tears

Althua of Purging

Hosted by Rahna Drew


A herald appears on your lands. The symbol on the herald’s tabbard is a stylized image of a red cloud with three forks of lightning slashing down at a small ven castle underneath it. With a quick clearing of the throat, the herald begins to speak,

Brave ven, tortured souls, all who have been weighed down beneath the oppressive heel of life within Shan’ri, listen well to these words. The time of winter has arrived, and with it has come that well honored ven tradition of discarding what no longer serves it’s purpose! You are now invited to celebrate this worthy day by bringing your unworthy items to the castle of Anguish’s Repose. Those who bring objects of power (the herald looks confused, murmuring, ‘relics espec-no, that was crossed out… artifacts. Oh, my, I believe… ummm, no, this must be the right line,’) Ignore that vile usurper! Come to the castle, bearers of artifacts will get hospitality. Bearers of relics will be stabbed!

Rolling up the parchment they had been reading from, the herald bows low to whomever receives the missive, then departs.

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