Tucson Blood and Tears

The Most Dangerous Hunt: An Althua Under the Stars

Hosted by Bunbury Tal


Gather your tents, untether your ildirim, and load your palanquin. It’s time to party under the stars and go a-hunting! Each day we’ll unleash your inner Bear to best utilize the tactics of your inner Wolf. Each night, in the grand tent we’ll feast upon the best Shan’ri has to offer the senses of your inner Fox. Day and night, you’ll want to do your inner Falcon proud: this will not be an althua for the faint of heart!

Current Fashions

  • Rank 1 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Bunbury Tal

Season Actions

  • Godfren becomes Academy Educated.
  • Godfren hires Roadmen.
  • Godfren hires Personal Guards.
  • Godfren hires a Herald.
  • Rahna has researched four ranks of artifacts.
  • Godfren read through the research notes he found which explore how much Corruption a Wolf can take upon themselves.
  • Bunbury Tal reaped Resources.


  • Rahna killed a sorcerer of the Senate lurking on Bunbury’s lands and presented him with the skull.
  • The Corrupted Wolves are members of a sorcerous cabal armed with a total of 15 rank five bloodswords. Some of the bloodswords are cursed swords Dagul gave out to students of his dueling school. Some of the Corrupted Wolves were spies sent to keep an eye on Bunbury.
  • Godfren Adrente got separated from the rest of the althua’s hunting party and gave into his Corruption a second time.
  • The previously mentioned sorcerer which Rahna Drew has killed was a Q’Val of Falvren Dyr and his rank five bloodsword was a relic. May Q’n consumed it as Rahna Drew.
  • When Godfren Adrente raged he sent 3 cabal members packing towards Rahna Drew’s location.
  • Godfren Adrente killed 3 more cabal members and he took their total of 3 bloodswords.
  • Bunbury has specific hunting grounds with traditional (i.e. normal) game.
  • The Personal Guard at camp held off a Corrupted Wolf attack and protected the camp Staff.
  • Godfren Adrente helped Bunbury’s Roadmen fend off an attack on a village and gained 3 more bloodswords.
  • Bunbury Tal‘s Roadmen secretly capture two “Corrupted” Wolves without Rahna’s, May‘s, nor Godfren’s awareness. They take them back to Bunbury’s castle rather than camp in order to experiment on them. Bunbury and his vassals are unaware of the fact that one is not yet fully Corrupted.
  • The cabal is dedicated to the Shards, and carried a Shard among them.
  • While Godfren Adrente was separated and succumbed to his Rage he ate those whom he killed, and one was a Shard which he subsequently swallowed.
  • All Corrupted Wolves who succumbed to the Rage consume their victims and cannibalize them.
  • One of the ones Godfren consumed was an Uncorrupted one. The Uncorrupted Wolf “food” had research notes on push a Wolf’s Corruption to the edge and beyond to complete the Corruption.
  • Wolves past ten Corruption gain Ork Traits.
  • Godfren got separated again in the forest.
  • The blacksmith village is secretly under the control of the cabal, and is where they are making the bloodswords.
  • Rahna Drew slew 5 Corrupted Wolves, ate 3 bloodswords, and grabbed one of the Shards after scaring the Wolves with red lightning.
  • 3 of the 8 bloodswords Godfren has are from Dagul’s Spy Network.
  • Bunbury’s Roadmen come back with disturbing reports of victims strung up in the trees after their flesh has been eaten.
  • Shaina knows everything going on and cannot say anything. While she dozes she has terrible nightmares — so terrible, in fact, that she is striving not to sleep. Which only makes it worse.
  • Bunbury’s Roadmen come back with reports of spectral/ghostly Wolves in the forest, and one report of one of them coming out of one of the bodies hung in the trees.
  • Godfren Adrente sends 7 of the 8 rank five bloodswords to Maylay Yvarai along with his rank one bloodsword. He kept the remaining rank five bloodsword for himself.
  • Bunbury Tal sent a Spy Network after himself, Shaina, Rahna, Godfren, and six after the cabal — one for each direction.



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