Tucson Blood and Tears

Highlands Spring Festival

Althua Hosted by Lura Burghe


As harsh winter’s icy temperment makes way for the warmth of spring, its time to wake sleeping muscles and move cold stiffened bones. You are invited to Baroness Lura Burghe’s for feasting, drinking, and caber tossing.

Current Fashions

  • None!

Guests of Lura Burghe

Season Actions

  • Rahna Drew has used three Season Actions and Resources to find three rank one Artifacts.
  • Cavala is using one Season Action to train herself as an Athlete.
  • Bunbury uses one of Rahna’s Resources to find her a rank one Artifact as her Contact.
  • Rahna explorers lands for Bunbury as his Contact.
  • Bunbury hires Roadmen for Lura as her Contact.
  • Lura explores lands for Bunbury as his Contact.
  • Bunbury and Cavala become mutual Contacts.
  • Lura explores lands for Salvana as her Contact.
  • Salvana picks flowers for the werewolf problem.
  • Bunbury and Sitthydeth become mutual Contacts.




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