Tucson Blood and Tears

The Althua of a Wedding Feast

Hosted by Dagul Sheeda


Baron Dagul Sheeda is getting married and sends invites to all ven everywhere through his Hearld to come and celebrate with him and his people! More to come!

A wedding should be a time of happiness and celebration, as two families come together in a union of love. That is, of course, unless the two families in question are noble houses of Ven, then, who knows what will happen especially sense the Baron got slapped for dropping a powerful secret to his new potential bride, one for which she was not ready. For what will happen to this couple come to the wedding feast and find out.

Guests of Dagul Sheeda

Season Actions


  • When the Sorcerer King Yrbinti Dice are used for Virtues, they confer a Rank 6 Virtue.
  • Count Kether’s alchemist is preparing the Solace Potion — that takes the imbiber into solace early — for someone.
  • Count Kether is forging his own orders to delay the vote on the Rajan in the Senate.
  • Salvana Valar is being investigated for practicing sorcery.
  • Salvana Valar is a Good and Dear Friend.
  • Salvana Valar belongs to That Count.
  • Salvana Valar knows that there is a sorcerous assassin at the wedding planning to take out one of Dagul‘s or Sithic’s people.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda is a member of the Rajan on the condition that Tavir has the full support of his Personal Guard for the actions of the Rajan.
  • The Knights of The Wolf Isles are asking Salvana Valar to dance with them.
  • The murdered knight, Bajinoth Ballan, was a member of Count Kether’s court.
  • Bajinoth Ballan’s ambition is a noted threat by Sithic Jasnine.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan knows that his ambition is a noted threat by Sithic Jasnine.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan is a Bear.
  • Count Kether has a Bear Herald who is female by the name of Goldie Lux.
  • The Bear baron of Bajinoth Ballan doesn’t know that the Elks are unblooded.
  • Bajinoth Ballan was a lover of Calla Valar.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan has Strength 5.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan unknowingly chooses a Rank 7 cursed sword for the duel against Tavir Thali.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan has the Duelist aspect.
  • The baron of Bajinoth Ballan is named Godfren.
  • Maylay is a pillow book writer.
  • Baron Godfren has friends in Dagul’s dueling school.
  • Baron Godfren & Rajan Tavir’s duel:
    • The baron makes a large, oversized lunge.
    • The rajan steps aside, and the baron’s sword gets pinned instead.
    • The rajan demands proof of the baron that he is not lying. The baron will lie and be wounded.
    • The rajan offers an open palm and throat, but the cursed sword has the baron’s hands stuck.
    • The rajan kicks the baron’s knee knocking him off balance.
    • The baron makes a successful attempt to disarm the rajan.
    • The rajan pulls out his other sword. He parries with that sword, shattering the baron’s cursed sword.
    • The baron picks up the rajan’s relic sword.
    • Both duelists take a moment to catch their breaths, the rajan wants to keep discussion to the truth.
    • The two talk, ending is a quiet stare.
    • The baron asks to quit the duel, and offers a partial truth to do so. That’s not good enough for the rajan.
    • The baron throws the relic sword at the rajan’s torso in frustration. He sidesteps and is only grazed for one Wound.
    • The rajan uses the flat of his blade to knock the knight out, realizing that the baron will never provide the truth.
  • Salvana tipped the Rajan off about the identity of the sorcerous assassin.
  • The Good and Dear Friends turned down the sorcerous assassin’s membership request.
  • The Sheriff catches the sorcerous assassin using sorcery to release the tension of the Four Winds torture device is order to relieve their own suffering.
  • The apothecary of Sithic Jasnine is keeping the sorcerous assassin — now a confessed cultist — alive while being tortured by Baron Dagul Sheeda’s Sheriff.
  • Tavir insisted on killing the assassin for their murder rather than permitting Dagul’s Sheriff to continue to torture him.
  • Baron Godfren has the Brawler and Gossip aspects.
  • Baron Godfren has Beauty 2, Cunning 3, Courage 3, and Wisdom 2.
  • There is a Rank 3 Fashion to wear a Cursed Sword.
  • There is a Rank 3 Fashion to wear Rooster Hair.
  • There is a Rank 3 Fashion to have Facial Tattoos.
  • There is a Rank 6 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.
  • Tavir has declared that torture will not be accepted on the behalf of the Rajan.



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