Tucson Blood and Tears

The Althua of Overdue Education

Hosted by Telrúnya Mwrr


The servant responsible for delivering the news to you this evening arrives bearing a fine rolled up vellum, embossed with an unfamiliar seal that bears the characteristic trappings of those who bear the rank of Duke. Unrolling the vellum, you see the following words inscribed.

Welcome Fellow Honored Ven, You all are most welcome at the Castle Eirilac for a dinner and instruction. I look forward to seeing you all.

While being uncharacteristically short, the missive does include directions… to a castle in a region that has been unoccupied for longer than most ven can recount. There are also rumours that those who have ventured to this region did not return… which may explain the odd post script, If you wish to arrive in a fair state, follow these directions to the letter.

Guests of Telrúnya Mwrr


  • The Senate has voted to allow Shanri Magic to be practiced openly.
  • Veth are starting to refuse to do their jobs, even attacking their lords in some cases.
  • Szaas found a ritual to pull Nobody out of the dream realm. It takes a relic of Shanri and Nobody’s body.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda decided to investigate the library of military tactics and noticed a statue that looked like Telrúnya’s veth holding a summoning bell in one hand. The one who rings the summoning bell is cursed by the bell to become one of the servants when they die. Shadow veth can reform.
  • An orc relic of Shanri would work in place of a ven relic of Shanri because some orcs worship Shanri.
  • There are twenty-eight permanent portals that will not go away.
  • Szaas found a cursed orcish relic to Shanri. It is a green rock. The relic leaves an orcish tattoo on Szaas’s face. The tattoo marks her as the property of a powerful ork tribe.
  • There is a Serpent suaven known as The Record Keeper. His true name is written in his relic scroll.
  • Shaina owes The Record Keeper all of her memories up to this point, including the Kama Sutra Temple and her purpose in regards to Shanri. She also owes him the future memory of her success.
  • Mahl was devoted to Shanri until she passed into solace.
  • Shaina Silja entered the Sacred Realm in order to gather information. With that information she went forth to gather a relic of The Record Keeper in exchange for her memories. She returned to the althua with no recollection of anything minus her sense of self, her purpose, and the names and appearances of people (but not her relationship to them).
  • Rahna Drew’s land is on the coastal region near The Wolf Isles.
    Rahna Drew forged a connection with the artifact library in order to access its secrets from anywhere.
  • The suaven who possessed Nobody is mentioned in the library of artifacts! He founded the Serpent Archive. He knows the name of each ven trapped in one of the yrbinti dice. He was the first Inquisitor.
  • There is a book in one of the libraries on the original banes of the olivanna.
  • Ikhalu was an Elk before entering solice.

Season Actions

  • Shaina Silja went into the Garden at the Temple of Talia to steal a rose of Talia.
  • While visiting Sithic Jasnine’s winter retreat, Shaina Silja stole The Bloody Quill.
  • While Tavir was overseeing the transport and relocation of relics and artifacts of Jonan Drax to the new temple, Shaina procured the pen Drax used to write The Laws and broke off a root from The Tree of Law.
  • Shaina bribed a temple guard to look the other way at the Temple of Talten Steele.
  • Shaina distracted another temple guard at the Temple of Talten Steele to snatch a fragment of The Shattered Throne.
  • Shaina Silja offered a number of resources to the Temple of Manna Renay. In so doing, she was able to roam he grounds, and snuck about until she could take her hearthstone.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season to reap five resources.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season and a resource to pack and move the shadow ven statues to Castle Wolf.
  • Shaina meditates in order to contact The Record Keeper to find the way to his resting place.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season to liberate all of the books of military and dueling knowledge from the libraries.
  • Sithic Jasnine explored for Dagul Sheeda as a contact.
  • Dagul Sheeda hired roadmen for Sithic Jasnine as a contact.
  • Dagul Sheeda trained the roadmen he hired for Sithic Jasnine at his academy.
  • Sithic Jasnine spent five season actions infiltrating the Senate records.
  • Sithic Jasnine spent ten season actions conquering a new province.
  • While in the Sacred Realm, Shaina discovered the location of relics/artifacts of the olivana, the sorcerer kings, and Telrúnya Mwrr. She was able to get them — one of which was a replacement for the sorcerer king yrbinti dice (as though they are too difficult to obtain).
  • Szaas looted the dark magic library.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda took all of the swords from the libraries at Castle Eirilac.
  • Shaina was able to steal a chunk of orichalcum ore used to create Falvren Dyr’s sword.
  • Shaina used Jonan Drax‘s pen and Sithic Jasnine’s quill to write a poem on The Record Keeper’s parchment in a sorcerous ritual to bind all of the stolen artifacts/relics together in order to appease Shanri and to eventually destroy the remaining sorcerer kings.



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