Tucson Blood and Tears

The Althua of the Law

Hosted by Rajan Tavir Thali


The Rajan make their way from region to region, delivering to the seneschal of each house a parchment upon which the following words have been written, Fellow ven, senators, and followers of the laws that bind us all. Be it known that your presence is requested at the seat of the Rajan for a discussion of the will of Jonan Drax and the direction revealed to his Q’val while on the path of reflection. Bring your keen minds and uphold yourselves with honor as we come together to address the concerns of our time.

Guests of Q’val Tavir Thali


  • The Vashna wear the black & gold while the Rajan wear the black and silver.
  • “The Count” is exceptional at deception and a renown pillowbook writer. She is a Serpent, but not a Good and Dear Friend. She is female, a Duelist, Criminal, Gossip, and has Wisdom 4, Beauty 4, and Prowess 3.
  • The Good and Dear Friends exist.
  • “The Count” is named Calla Valar. She is a dueling student of the Savage Serpentine Style. She is under consideration for the Rajan, with the mission of swaying Bunbury Tal to their cause.
  • The Elk Savage Beast is cunning enough to sense the use of sorcery.
  • Dagul Sheeda’s Beast attacked Maylay while he was asleep. He visited the court of Sithic Jasnine to see if she survived.
  • Maylay is one of Sithic’s counts. She was the one Baron Sheeda was courting. She is a Fox and had Beauty until she was attacked.
  • “The Count” has a spy network and The Eye.
  • Maylay belongs to the Yvarai family. She is an identical twin to May Q’n. She had a nightmare when May died.
  • Tavir Thali, as head of the Rajan, has declared that by word from Jonan Drax, The Laws of Jonan Drax will be enforced by the Hands of Jonan Drax without interference from the Senate. I.e. the Rajan will operate independently of the Senate specifically to enforce the Laws of Jonan Drax.
  • Maylay has a savage bane.
  • Monty is the heir of the savage beast of the Serpent.
  • “The Count” has a season action and five resources.
  • Maylay has a Beauty weakness and her former rank in Beauty is her current rank in Wisdom.
  • The unveiled savage beasts are banes.
  • There is a Wasp savage beast bane for each Wasp family.
  • “The Count” has Lady of the Fan and is a member of the Rajan.
  • Bunbury Tal is a member of the Rajan.
  • Banes may be awakended and take over the ven.

Season Actions



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