Tucson Blood and Tears

The Artifacts of Autumn Althua

Hosted by Rahna Drew


Written below are the fateful words that were received by the guests to the most fateful event known in the annals of ven history only as, “The Artifacts of Autumn Althua.” Delivered unto the ven nobility by lowly veth couriers, these words were inked onto vellum and sealed with the characteristic storm-bringer wolf motif of the then baroness Rahna Drew.

Fellow noble ven. Because I’ve been given my own lands for surviving the great Storm, You are invited to join me in an althua celebrating my journey. Bring with you artifacts with stories to tell, and listen to tales of the Dungeons I explored during my travels! Hospitality will be granted to all who bring artifacts as a gift for The Red Wolf. If you cannot bring an artifact, tales of artifacts including where they may be found may be accepted instead, by my decision. Food will be served, a recipe of the ancient ven. The meat of the wild birds once common to the region of the first Houses and the vegetables of the old farmlands. Come, join, and share tales of artifacts

What follows, then, is the tale of the what transpired during this ill-fated event.

Guests of Rahna Drew


  • Baron Dugal Shedda gave Rahna Drew one of the Cursed Swords from the library of the Suaven of Doom, within Castle Eirilac, it was Identified as the cursed blood sword of the Red Wolf.
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf; (Powers it uses The Sorcerer’s Curse, to curse the wielder’s opponent. It does so based on the number of wounds it does up to it’s rank 5 rating. The curse states, “You shall not perform sorcery.”
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf curses it’s wielder, preventing them from using sorcery or from negating any sorcery that would affect them.
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf was a rank 4 Cursed Blood Sword, and was upgraded to a Rank 5 Cursed Blood Sword.
  • Tvar Thali knows that Shaina Silja disappeared and lost her memory at The Althua of Overdue Education.
  • One of the Rajan knows where Shaina Silja vanished to during that althua, but is not willing to share nor divulge the information, this person is a member of the serpent House of Jalan, and has connections to the spider,
  • The Rajan are planning to muestigale Shara Eshu
  • Shara Eshu is shipping unmarked freight boxes to Dagul Sheeda’s Wolf Islands for his wedding!
  • Tavir Thali and Alayna Thorne met each other while they were in the Ork Lands During the time he was exiled. She granted him hospitality and food.
  • Cat’s and small Ork’s are enamored/fond of Alayna Thorne and can often be found nearby.
  • Dagul Sheeda’s Grandmother is now a lingering spectre and is living in the temple where her bones now lay.
  • Shaina Silja is starting her penance with Jonan Drax as she broke the law.
  • Rahna Drew knows the location of an artifact that is between her lands and the Wolf Islands. She may go there on her way to Dagul Sheeda’s althua.
  • Shaina Silja is creating works of art to be turned to relics that will replace the artifacts she used in the ritual.
  • Suaven will eventually emerge from solace as Sorcerer Kings

Season Actions



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