Carlo Adrente

Blind Spring Wolf Baron



  • Strength 2
  • Cunning 3
  • Courage 2
  • Beauty
  • Wisdom 3
  • Prowess 5

High Concept

  • Adrente “My Weapon Is Myself”
  • Carlo “The Smouldering Ember”



  • Spring
    • Herbalist
    • Duelist




  • Roadmen
  • Secret Army

Season Actions


  • Carlo Adrente can hear the secrets of the wind and sense wind magic.
  • Carlo’s ability to detect sorcery is now twice as accurate with double the range.
  • Carlo Adrente now sports an anthropomorphic wolf arm that talks (as would a hand puppet).
  • The arm makes Carlo sympathetic to the portals and their followers.
  • Carlo knows the name of the Regurgitation Portal and can sense it.
  • Attended Althua of the Grinning Man.
  • The hostess is cousin to Carlo Adrente.
  • Carlo Adrente is using the hidden temple to Jonan Drax to recruit followers in preparation for the eventuality of becoming a suaven.
  • Attended The Althua of the Eclipse.
  • Carlo Adrente can hear Kora.
  • Carlo Adrente has wagered one ingot of orichalcum that the Cat would be unveiled and the Fox would be veiled by the Senate.
  • Carlo Adrente wants to steal the hostesssword to use it against the hostess and steal her lands.
  • After her death, Kyoca may possess Carlo to accomplish her final task.
  • Shaina has foreseen tonight’s event and will help. Kyoca will eventually fall to arguing with her Ork Companion, Kora, and Carlo. Carlo will reveal Kyoca as a relic-thief, duel the hostess to the death, and escape the castle, Kora in hand.

Rumours & Reputations

  • Rumour 5: Is trying to curry favour within the Senate in order to secure a position.
  • Rumour 5: Has legendary hearing (can hear an intake of breath across three closed rooms).

Carlo Adrente

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