Kyoca Roon

A tragic, curious ven who skirted taboos and courted orks.


An odd Baroness who emerged from the shadows of ven society to toy with the portals of Shan’ri, who inevitably met her end when confronted for stealing relics of the suaven. Possessed an Ork in the form of a sword named Kora, an Ork name which no true ven would know the meaning to.


Was a baroness in year 4, and met her end in the summer of year 5 at the hands of Carlo Adrentefor the crime of stealing a relic of Jonan Drax. Kyoca bonded to the Ork Kora in year 4, and in year 5 Carlo took possession of Kora upon Kyoca’s death. It is rumored that some remnant of Kyoca may still linger, attempting to complete one final task before disappearing… but such things are impossible, and suitable only for simple tales to frighten simple minded veth children!

Kyoca Roon

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