May Q'n


High Concept

  • Q’n unknown
  • May unknown

A Fox Countess who once hosted an althua of discovery. Secretly a sorceress obsessed with living forever, she struck a bargain with the Wicked Ones, turning herself into a living artifact upon the death of her body. Wandering Shan’ri, she spawned bodies for the sorcerer kings to inhabit until she was fused into a portal by Nobody.

Escaping from the portal just before they were destroyed by Shaina Silja, May Qn used the twin link with her sister Maylay Yvarai, to inhabit her body. While there, she was locked in a battle of wills. During the events of [[Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air? | Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air?]] she goaded Rahna Drew into consuming her, and now both living artifacts wrestle within one body for control.

May Q'n

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