Rahna Drew

Wolf Baroness



Courage 4
Prowess 4
Wisdom 3
Strength 2
Beauty 2



The Lash: Rank 2 Bloodsword – Wicked 1, Sharp 1 Absorbed

The Red Thorn: Relic of The Red Wolf. Can absorb sorceries up to the wielder’s devotion, and release them as wounds in a duel. Absorbed by May Q’n

The Red Wolf: 3

Blood Lightning – Each rank used deals one rank of wounds to the target.
Force of the Storm – A rank 5 ability that throws the target backwards with a powerful gust of wind
Rage of the Blooded Storm – A rank 10 ability that allows the user to manifest the full might of the Storm under her own control. For every 10 ranks used, the duration of the storm increases.


A young ven originally assumed lost to the storm while on her pilgrimage to show devotion to the suaven known as the Red Wolf. It was later learned that Rahna Drew survived the storm, emerging at the Althua of Overdue Education with the newfound gift of consuming artifacts and hurling lightning.

While attending the [[Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air? | Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air?]], May Q’n threatened to consume all of the relics of The Red Wolf from the shrine, goading Rahna into using her abilities to consume the other living artifact. Stubborn to the end, May Q’n did not allow herself to be completely consumed. Now, both are locked in a struggle, consuming as much power as they can to aid in their bid for control over the single body.

Rahna Drew

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