Shaina Silja

Summer Fox Q'val of the Keeper of Roses


High Concept

  • Silja “I Bleed For My Art”
  • Shaina unknown


  • Shaina Silja has been having an extended vision. She has been inside one of her temples to Talia Yvarai writing down the ven equivalent of the Kama Sutra upon the temple walls.
  • Attended The Althua of the Eclipse.
  • Shaina Silja thinks she is talking to Talia when it is in fact a spectre.
  • Shaina Silja has had a vision of Kora in control of the Senate.
  • Shaina has foreseen tonight’s event and will help. Kyoca will eventually fall to arguing with her Ork Companion, Kora, and Carlo. Carlo will reveal Kyoca as a relic-thief, duel the hostess to the death, and escape the castle, Kora in hand.
  • Shaina provided the art in Kyoca’s main art room.

Shaina Silja

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