The Red Wolf

The Suaven of Inquisition


Suaven of Inquisition

Available Blessings

  • My sword is my protection: Spend a style. You may absorb any sorcerous effect (including curses from artifacts) and gift it to the red wolf. You may absorb a number of effects equal to your devotion.
  • Your words are my weapon: Spend a style. You may invoke the Red Wolf, granting any sorcerous effects she has stored upon one target. If the target has The Red Wolf’s Wrath, she bestows extra effects up to the rank of the wrath.

Once enamored of a fellow ven, this inquisitor was devoted to the extinction of sorcery. Tragically, her lover was one of the most powerful sorcerers of his time, and the betrayal of discovering his true nature drove The Red Wolf into the Great Sleep, bound to the traitorous sorcerer. When the sorcerer made a bargain to leave Solace, The Red Wolf was no longer bound to him, and assumed the mantle of Suaven of Inquisition. Her followers reject sorcery, and their ranks hold both noble and unblooded ven. In her quest to carry out vrente against the sorcerer that broke her heart, the red Wolf will grant a free blessing any time a follower tracks down her ex lover and uses the blessing to make him suffer

The Red Wolf

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