Tucson Blood and Tears

Althua of Mystery

Hosted by Good and Dear Friend Salvana Valar


Our local Good and Dear Friend, Salvana Valar, has invited all noble Ven to participate in an Althua that will go down in memory as the event that no one had a clue as to what was really going on! Will you be able to figure out the Serpent’s plan? Come join us at the Althua of Mystery!

Current Fashions

  • Rank 2 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Salvana Valar

Season Actions


  • Salvana is already building Shrines in preparation for solace.
  • Rahna Drew is actually a Tulpa at this Althua.
  • Cavala is a neighbor of Salvana.
  • Salvana has some of Bunbury’s blood.
  • Salvana has some of Rahna’s blood.
  • Serpent Philosophers are able to smell the difference between Blooded and Unblooded blood.
  • Some Serpent suaven, but not Tyan Bran, have a Blessing that lets the devotee determine from which House unlabeled blood comes.
  • Bunbury Tal knows the location of The Serpent Vale. The Serpent Vale is where the Serpent Olivana enters the world to Blood its people. It is also a place where some of the Serpents go to enter solace.
  • Salvana has some of Godfren’s blood.
  • May Q’n has read the book detailing the history of the sacred Serpent’s line.
  • Bunbury has read the part which pertains to Avatars and Banes in the portion of Sithic’s library which is in his control.
  • Salvana has some of Cavala’s blood.
  • The dagger is a Natural Orichalcum fang of The Serpent that actively seeks blood.
  • The riddles:
    • coiling, writhing
      over hills and dales
      glistening fangs
      tip the scales
    • starts as nothing
      then gives thanks
      next to patron
      rises in ranks
    • blue when under
      black at night
      red when over
      gives us might
    • clear as sky
      giver of life
      dry earth
      causes strife
    • curved edge
      straight line
      stabby stabby
      food time
    • glass vial
      blank label
      a hidden niche
      or on a table
  • The answers:
    • Serpent
    • ven
    • blood
    • tears
    • dagger
    • poison
  • Several generations back Salvana is connected to the sacred Serpent line.
  • Salvana’s castle is at the entrance to The Serpent Vale. Bunbury is very familiar with the land.



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