Tucson Blood and Tears

Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air?

Hosted by Maylay Yvarai


You have a choice to come by sea or land to Wolf Island for a Ven New Year’s Eve Party to celebrate the coming of the new spring and the birth of a new child to the ruling family. Maylay has given birth and is hosting this affair! The local Vassels are in attendance to see the new heir of the Wolf Isles. The Road Wardens have killed the Wild Pig Ork haunting the Wolf Isles and is now being cooked by the cooks!

A “spring party” is an excuse for nobles to gather and plot and trade and scheme. Fall in love. So many young men and women in one place, all eager for Romance. So young. So easy to manipulate. So easy to fool into life-long contracts binding them forever. Of course, at this particular party, the noble in question is of marrying age and her consort was recently killed on an ork hunt or was he taken into solace early? She’s available. Ripe for the picking. What the ven don’t know is she’s playing a game with her two friends: who can collect the most promises from desperate old men willing to do anything to win the favor of a beautiful young girl…Winning a Lover If you can’t think of a way to make this complicated, you need to get out more often. Romance is a messy and mean business. You’ve got rivals and parents and brothers and sisters and arranged marriages. Maintaining a Romance is even worse. The ven have laws for such indiscretions and they are not kind. Sure, society accepts Romance, but the law does not. So, we’ve got lots of sneaking around. Lots of innuendo. Lots of other people trying to discover your secret so they can use it against you. Blackmail is such an ugly word…

A married woman or man approaches one of the ven, looking to begin a Romance. She also provides a new ally. An important ally. A powerful ally. And remember the consequences of breaking her heart.

Current Fashions

  • Rank 3 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Countessa Maylay Yvarai

Season Actions

  • Rahna Drew uses seven season actions to find seven ranks of Artifacts.
  • Bunbury Tal explored ruins for a rank one Artifact on behalf of his Contact, Rahna Drew, because she intends to destroy them.




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