Tucson Blood and Tears

The Althua of Games and Intrigue

Hosted by Baroness Salvana Valar


Come join the Serpents in their fun…

Current Fashions

  • Rank 2 Fashion to wear a Cursed Sword.
  • Rank 2 Fashion to wear Rooster Hair.
  • Rank 2 Fashion to have Facial Tattoos.
  • Rank 5 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Baroness Salvana Valar

Season Actions


  • Before the game of Who Killed My Duke? commenced, several wagers were made:
    • The main pool for the winner was seeded with 1 season action from Rahna, five resources from Sithic, and three resources from Bunbury.
    • Bunbury and Szazz bet one resource each that Salvana wins.
    • Bunbury and Sithic bet one season action each that Rahna will get caught cheating.
  • Rahna Drew has found and consumed a rank 5 and a rank 4 artifact.
  • Salvana Valar had to temporarily get rid of Bunbury Tal; as a Rajan she didn’t want him to witness an action she was planning as a Good and Dear Friend.
  • Rahna Drew has criminally viewed a card from Sithic’s hand.
  • Salvana Valar has criminally viewed one of the winning cards.
  • The fruit wine is a 4 year old Vanavel Vineyard.
  • One of Salvana‘s veth saw Sithic straighten Rahna’s glass after he secretly glanced at a card.
  • Using a room as a single space for movement is allowed in Who Killed My Duke?.
  • Salvana’s veth attempt to embarrass her for embarrassing them in front of her guests.
  • Salvana’s castle contains an artifact that is listed in the artifact library of Castle Eirilac.
  • Alayna Thorne gave Shan’ri a Favor to obtain a ten charge artifact which can answer Yes or No questions for her alone. After the tenth charge is used, the artifact disappears and scatters into ten pieces around Shanri. It can only work again when all ten pieces are assembled together.



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