Tucson Blood and Tears

The Will of Jonan Drax Althua

Hosted by Q'Val Tavir Thali


Runners from the Rajan deliver missives to each of your houses bearing the seal of the Q’val of Jonan Drax, Tavir Thali. The missive inside reads thusly,

Fellow ven, the suaven of law bids me to reveal to you all the truth behind His laws, that you may better understand His will. Join us at the stronghold of the Rajan where the laws will be amended and revealed so that all ven may benefit from the wisdom which Jonan Drax has asked me to deliver. There will be light fare as per the usual tradition of the Rajan, and any who attend are asked to observe the edict of ‘the laws binds all’ and know that the murder of any veth will be considered as if you had slain your brother or sister without permission. None of us are above the laws of Jonan Drax.

Current Fashions

  • Rank 3 Fashion to wear a Cursed Sword.
  • Rank 3 Fashion to wear Rooster Hair.
  • Rank 3 Fashion to have Facial Tattoos.
  • Rank 6 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Q’Val Tavir Thali

Season Actions


  • Baron Dagul Sheeda‘s soul is in his wolf beast’s aspect.
  • Conjuring magics cannot be used by the Blooded.
  • Some orks believe in souls.
  • Dia Ballan has turned Five members of Count Kether’s court to Followers of Ikhalu.
  • Sailor vassals exist.
  • Dagul Sheeda‘s grandmother knows the location of Ikhalu’s tomb.
  • The “mysterious” poison is slow acting, itchy, and made from a dead ork. The only cure is a specific type of ork sword from a certain ork tribe.
  • The portal madness disappeared with the portals.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda built a fleet of 8 ships using season actions plus resources. The 8 ships have been manned by sailor vassals.
  • The knight Bajinoth Ballan was a savage Wasp.
  • A duke is blackmailing Bunbury Tal in order to interfere with his affair.
  • The Rajan has infiltrated the guard of The Wolf Isles.
  • As a favor to Tavir Thali, Sithic Jasnine must enforce this new interpretation of the first law—that the law applies to all equally—as an example to the rest of the ven. Tavir Thali requires the same favor of Baron Dagul Sheeda that he asked of Sithic Jasnine.
  • The witch will be showing up at [[Athula of a Ven New Year, is romance in the air? | The Spring of Love Althua]].
  • Bunbury Tal and Tavir Thali become mutual Friends with their contact actions.
  • Tavir Thali has bequeathed 23 season actions to the Rajan for the purposes of researching non-blood magic (i.e. ork magic, conjuring, et cetera) with which to enforce the law (revealing truth magic, protection magic, et cetera). They may also be used for other purposes towards strengthening the Rajan‘s ability to enforce their laws.
    Tavir Thali’s death curse on Dia Ballan: You will never again trust your spectres.



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