Tucson Blood and Tears

Winter Of The Khanurdante

Althua Hosted by Sithic Jasnine, Count Kether


There is talk of Khanurdante, the Great Elk of Shanri. A magnificent creature, pure white, antlers that shine like stars. King of all creatures, the ven give it powers beyond those of mortals and orks. It is some kind of source of terrible power. Many have quested to see it. All have come back changed ven, unable to speak of the experience. Visibly changed.

Elk are sacred to all Houses, not just those who wear the heraldry. No ven hunt them, although spotting an elk on a hunt is said to bring good fortune. Killing an elk brings…something else.

Current Fashions

  • Rank 1 Fashion to wear a Cursed Sword.
  • Rank 1 Fashion to wear Rooster Hair.
  • Rank 1 Fashion to have Facial Tattoos.
  • Rank 4 Fashion to wear a Wooden Sword.

Guests of Count Mother Fucking Kether

Season Actions




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