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Althua of the Grinning Man
Hosted by the Grinning Man


A skeletal figure dressed in black trimmed with red hands your herald a rolled note tied with a matching black and red velvet ribbon. When you unfurl the note, you see the words: You are invited to attend the festivities held at Visage this Spring. No gifts required – only your gut. The note is unsigned. Who could be hosting? What and where is Visage? There must be good food, else why only bring your gut?

Guests of the q’val of the Grinning Man

Season Actions


The Althua of the Eclipse
Hosted by Kyoca Roon

The peculiar and curious Kyoca Roon of the house… Dragon(? — That can’t be right) sent her own servants to redirect arrivals to the Dark Mistress‘s castle to Kyoca’s althua instead. Regaling her guests with tales of Ork parties and hosting an “epic challenge of strength”, Kyoca eventually fell to arguing with her Ork Companion, Kora, and Carlo. Carlo revealed Kyoca as a relic-thief, dueled the hostess to the death, and escaped the castle, Kora in hand.


Join the Dark Mistress Kavamandil in a celebration of the darkness at her castle. As all things dark are shrouded in mystery, so too is the theme of this althua! Invitations arrive at your castles bearing simply the date and the ominous words, “Come to the Darkness before the Darkness comes for you!” No servants are seen delivering the invitations, and they all bear no signature save the personal seal of the Dark Mistress herself. You have been called, will you answer?

Guests of Kyoca Roon

Season Actions


The Althua of Hidden Meanings
Hosted by the Marquess Kether


A well tressed messenger delivers an invitation to your head veth to be delivered to you.

You are cordially invited to the Masquerade of Hidden Meanings at the Marquess of Kether’s castle.

Bring your Beauty and your Cunning because there will be a contest of Beauty and a conterst of Cunning. The Beauty Contest will be for those who wears a mask that represents who they truly are, be it House, Aspect, or Virtue. The best mask will win a prize. The Cunning contest will be to see if you can figure out what the contest is and what the answer is.

Masks are requiered for all guests, even if you do not wish to participate in the mask judging. If you are unable to obtain a mask you will be at my mercy for what mask you will be wearing for the Althua.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the Althua.

Marquesses Szaas Eshu

Guests of the Marquess Kether


  • Sithic’s mask is a copy of Jaymen Steele’s orichalcum mask.
  • Sithic’s sceneschal is an Elk.
  • Each of the 10 yrbinti dice represent one of the 10 houses.
  • Sithic is missing the dice representing the Elk and the Wolf.
  • Sithic’s sceneschal is secretly of the Spider.
  • Mixing serpent wine and wolf blood wine reduces the hallucinogenic properties of the serpent wine.
  • The wife of Kether has offered the count services for a year.

Season Actions

  • Sithic finds a seventh yrbinti die.
  • Sithic creates the “Hall of Reflection” arena and viewing area.
  • Sithic creates a unit of orichalcum.
  • Bunbury becomes a contact with Dagul.
  • Dagul becomes a contact with Bunbury.
  • Dagul hires personal guard.
  • Dagul hires roadmen.
  • Dagul hires a herald.
  • Bunbury uses his contact season action to hire artisans for Sithic.
  • Sithic uses his contact season action to explore for Bunbury.
  • Sithic becomes a contact with Din.
  • Din becomes a contact with Sithic.
The Althua of the Grand Hunt!
Hosted by Dagul Sheeda


The loud blare of a hunting horn cuts through the midafternoon sounds like the swift swipe of a well-honed axe clearing tinder from a tree. The crisp, clear voice of a Ven dressed in fine brown and gold hues follows in the silence left in the horn’s wake, “Hear ye, hear ye, noble ven of all stations worthy of note! Be ye whose ears have caught this message informed! The Baron Dagul Sheeda, of the indomitable House of the Wolf, he whose blade knows no equal in the entire breadth of the Wolf Isles invites you to the grand Summer Hunt on the baron’s lands! Revel in the company of fellow ven! Feast on the rare treat of wolf stew with the blessing of the host! Tremble at the stories of the wolf which is not olivana! Wonder at the display of prowess as the Baron vows to hunt down a menace on his lands in a true display of skill, Beast to Ven! Come! Rejoice! Survive!!"

Guests of the Baron Dagul Sheeda


  • Baroness Laylia Steele was a studier of the Law and worked under a Falcon. Dia liberated her soul from her body. Her soul is stored in the feathers that Dia Ballan wears.
  • Dagul’s grandmother taught him the secret family recipe to make wolf meat into sacred wolf stew.
  • The beast has left signs of burrowing with its claws.
  • The beast bit Dagul Sheeda with its teeth.
  • The beast has regeneration (making it at least a rank one ork.
  • The beast’s paw print is as big as a plate. In other words, its paw is as big as a plate. (Great size makes it at least a rank two ork.)
  • Every generation of Dagul’s family has had to defeat a great beast in combat to gain peace in his islands.
  • The great beasts were all driven off, not killed, to the host’s knowledge.
  • The beast and Dagul Sheeda share an ancient Blood. That is why every generation has chased off a great beast.
  • Dagul’s family do not go into solace but instead turn into great beasts.
  • The great beasts can have cults with devotion to them.
  • The beast has Boar’s Fortitude (making it at least a rank three ork).
  • The beast was Dagul Sheeda’s grandmother who taught him to cook wolf stew.
  • The beast can talk (making it at least a rank four ork).
  • Dia Ballan (as Laylia Steele) has copied several passages of Dagul Sheeda’s family genealogy and other interesting tidbits about the Sheeda Beasts.

Season Actions

The Althua of Valdendon
Hosted by Q'val Emina Thali


The Storm has been harrying you for days, cutting off every path to shelter. Finally, in lands you do not recognize you spot shelter up ahead. Shelter which you might be able to reach before The Storm cuts you off yet again. You make a mad dash and hope the occupants will provide hospitality. Your vassals and ilderim need rest. Rest and refreshment. YOU need rest and refreshment. You will not be denied shelter again, you decide, as you push your entourage to its very limits to reach the stone walls up ahead!

Guests of the Q’Val Emina Thali


  • Each guest had their own trial in attempting to reach the shelter of Ashalim Avendi’s puzzle temple:
    • As Sithic Jasnine‘s entourage started to slow down from fatigue, The Storm began to gain ground. If he didn’t do something fast, The Storm would finally catch up to him. He gave an inspirational speech which rallied their morale and let him reach his destination in time. He gained the temporary Orator aspect. If he had brought the Orator aspect, it would have temporarily counted as four style when invoked.
    • As Tzao Sinjin got close enough he saw the moat and that the bridge was nowhere in sight. It’s not that it had been pulled up; it was not there at all. He decided that he would get inside despite such an obstacle. He gained the temporary Athlete aspect. If he had brought the Athlete aspect, it would have temporarily counted as four style when invoked.
    • As Dagul Sheeda got close enough he noticed that there was little defensible ground here. He would not want to be holed up here against a physical enemy. He gained the temporary Chance-Taker aspect. If he had brought the Chance-Taker aspect, it would have temporarily counted as four style when invoked.
    • As Nobody got close enough, he spotted that one of the trees on the grounds was actually a cunningly disguised statue. He veered toward it and spent a few moments of study before he found the hidden lever which triggered a ramp that descended under the earth. He gained the temporary Puzzle Solver aspect. If he had brought the Puzzle Solver aspect, it would have temporarily counted as four style when invoked.
    • As Tavir Thali got close enough, a murder of spectres came swooping down from one of the outlying towers. He didn’t let them deter him from the promise of respite from The Storm. He gained the temporary Strange Intuition aspect. If he had brought the Strange Intuition aspect, it would have temporarily counted as four style when invoked.
  • Emina Thali is a current owner of at least one yrbinti die.
  • Ork candies grant +1 Strength temporarily if you really eat them.
  • Sithic Jasnine takes two dodecahedron from the temple vault.
  • There is a savage avatar for each olivana.
  • The Serpent, the Elk, the Falcon, the Fox, and the Bear earls each have a bane. Sithic Jasnine is the bane of the Elk.
  • Nobody originally planned to open a portal here.
  • Sithic Jasnine promises Nobody a temple to Shanri in the Senate and a new province.
  • Tzao is the bane of the Falcon.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda is enamored of the opposite sex.
  • A sword of stone and a veth of Kether were tossed into the portal; two stone veth of Ashalim Avendi with stone swords came out.
  • Dagul Sheeda‘s abomination avatar of the wolf gained invisibility when Dagul Sheeda’s inside the beast.
  • Dagul Sheeda can tell what ork traits an ork had possessed after he eats the ork.
  • By jumping through the portal, Dagul Sheeda becomes separated from the abominated avatar of the wolf; though he maintains control over it. When not in control of the beast, Dagul Sheeda receives nightmares of what the beast does.
  • Emina Thali captures the tears of the wolf avatar in a chalice. Should he obtain tears from the other olivana avatars, the chalice will become The Chalice of the Tears of the Olivana.
  • The wolf avatar and Dagul Sheeda are linked.
  • Twelve relics of Ashalim Avendi were stolen.
  • One of Nobody’s spectres is watching and guarding Tavir Thali. (He is aware of it.)
  • Nobody opens a portal. The portal:
    • Splits imperfectly whatever is thrown inside.
    • Once Ashalim Avendi’s puzzle temple is consumed, two others are spit out by two other portals.
    • All future portals will split avatars apart.
    • All of the tears of avatars can be used to reassemble the beast and the ven into the avatar.
    • Roses grow around the portal and weep tears of joy. Giving one of the roses adds +5 to a Romance.
    • One of the puzzle temple duplicates came out at the other permanent portal near the Senate.
    • Imperfections are split out by the portal.
    • The portal is the Imperfect Portal of the Twin Portals.
    • The Perfect Portal of the Twin Portals is in Nowhere.
  • The former Count Kether is the avatar of the bear. Sithic Jasnine has tamed the bear.
  • Natural orichalcum only exists on the savage beasts. It nullifies ven-made orichalcum.
  • Those not of the lineage of the particular savage beast cannot kill them without getting the Wrath of Shanri.
  • Sithic Jasnine brought all ten of the original yrbinti dice of the sorcerer kings together again, causing them to activate:
    • All dice: Using the power of the dice increases the owner’s Corruption.
    • Wisdom die: Use to determine the House of an individual.
    • All dice: Are activated by the owner’s blood.
    • All dice: All dice must be powered to use any one of them.
    • All dice: The owner chooses what each of the dice rolls.
    • Falcon die: Doesn’t want to stick with the others.
    • All dice: If the dice are used in a selfless reason, they split up again all over the face of Shanri.
    • Elk die: Lets the owner see through chameleon’s camouflage and invisibility.
    • All dice: Each die has a personality based on the sorcerer king that made it.
    • All dice: Communicate telepathically with the owner and each other.
    • All dice: Can invoke the Virtue of any die.
    • All dice: The maximum corruption for a ven is six, but it is ten if in possession of this dice set.

Season Actions

The Althua of Kether
Hosted by Marquis Sithic Jasnine


You are cordially invited to the winter manor of Marquis Kether for an Althua celebrating the end of the year…

As you read the elegant invitation from Sithic Jasnine, you look over at another letter from a fellow senator:

There has always been a Count Kether. Count, mind you. This new Marquis of Kether is troublesome, and a growing concern among several senators.

The Law Binds All is Drax’s first law for a reason, and though we are all bound by the laws set down by Jonan Drax and later the Senate, not all laws bind us equally. In fact, a century ago the Senate realized the potential abuse of power the holder of Kether Province could wield. So they bound the Lord of Kether to a rank no higher than Count, a limit on his power, authority, and reach.

Sithic Jasnine is flaunting this ancient ruling, challenging the Senate by holding the title and rank of Marquis.

Perhaps it is time to reign in this summer upstart, and revoke his Marquis title in accordance with our passed legislation.

Guests of the Marquis Sithic Jasnine


  • Baron Dagul Sheeda opened a dueling school to train new students. He trained his Sheriff, Herald, and two of Sithic Jasnine’s Wolf barons. This will give everyone so trained the Duelist aspect.
  • Isdil (a relicsword of Jonan Drax in the possession of Tavir) rank one wounds people who lie in its/its wielder’s presence without being drawn. It slaps as if with the flat of the blade without being drawn those who lie while technically telling the truth in its/its wielder’s presence.
  • Isdil can be invoked to draw Jonan Drax’s attention (and thus potentially his wrath).
  • The Storm is hovering over the Senate.
  • Baron Sheeda established a shrine to the Beast and upgraded it to a temple by interring within it his grandmother’s remains as the required relic.
  • Shaina recognizes that Sithic is preparing to become a suaven due to the unnamed temple and would-be relics (like the bloody quill).
  • A member of Sithic’s staff is a corrupted servant of Mahl.
  • Only orks who were once ven hold Mahl as their mother.
  • Servants of Talia have pearl necklaces that can be like an aphrodisiac based upon intent.
  • Shaina is as a bouquet of roses when it comes to those who come to her: she changes to fit their “desires.”
  • There are shrines and temples scattered throughout the ork lands dedicated to Jonan Drax.
  • Szaas received a special necklace from Shaina to seduce Sithic. Now Sithic and Szaas are expecting an heir.
  • Sithic Jasnine’s title has been reduced to Count.
  • Everyone on record who voted to take away Kether‘s title of Marquis will get a visit from Baron Dagul’s Beast.
  • The Beast will make a personal visit to inspire the former Count Kether as to her savage nature.

Season Actions

The Althua of the Law
Hosted by Rajan Tavir Thali


The Rajan make their way from region to region, delivering to the seneschal of each house a parchment upon which the following words have been written, Fellow ven, senators, and followers of the laws that bind us all. Be it known that your presence is requested at the seat of the Rajan for a discussion of the will of Jonan Drax and the direction revealed to his Q’val while on the path of reflection. Bring your keen minds and uphold yourselves with honor as we come together to address the concerns of our time.

Guests of Q’val Tavir Thali


  • The Vashna wear the black & gold while the Rajan wear the black and silver.
  • “The Count” is exceptional at deception and a renown pillowbook writer. She is a Serpent, but not a Good and Dear Friend. She is female, a Duelist, Criminal, Gossip, and has Wisdom 4, Beauty 4, and Prowess 3.
  • The Good and Dear Friends exist.
  • “The Count” is named Calla Valar. She is a dueling student of the Savage Serpentine Style. She is under consideration for the Rajan, with the mission of swaying Bunbury Tal to their cause.
  • The Elk Savage Beast is cunning enough to sense the use of sorcery.
  • Dagul Sheeda’s Beast attacked Maylay while he was asleep. He visited the court of Sithic Jasnine to see if she survived.
  • Maylay is one of Sithic’s counts. She was the one Baron Sheeda was courting. She is a Fox and had Beauty until she was attacked.
  • “The Count” has a spy network and The Eye.
  • Maylay belongs to the Yvarai family. She is an identical twin to May Q’n. She had a nightmare when May died.
  • Tavir Thali, as head of the Rajan, has declared that by word from Jonan Drax, The Laws of Jonan Drax will be enforced by the Hands of Jonan Drax without interference from the Senate. I.e. the Rajan will operate independently of the Senate specifically to enforce the Laws of Jonan Drax.
  • Maylay has a savage bane.
  • Monty is the heir of the savage beast of the Serpent.
  • “The Count” has a season action and five resources.
  • Maylay has a Beauty weakness and her former rank in Beauty is her current rank in Wisdom.
  • The unveiled savage beasts are banes.
  • There is a Wasp savage beast bane for each Wasp family.
  • “The Count” has Lady of the Fan and is a member of the Rajan.
  • Bunbury Tal is a member of the Rajan.
  • Banes may be awakended and take over the ven.

Season Actions

The Althua of Overdue Education
Hosted by Telrúnya Mwrr


The servant responsible for delivering the news to you this evening arrives bearing a fine rolled up vellum, embossed with an unfamiliar seal that bears the characteristic trappings of those who bear the rank of Duke. Unrolling the vellum, you see the following words inscribed.

Welcome Fellow Honored Ven, You all are most welcome at the Castle Eirilac for a dinner and instruction. I look forward to seeing you all.

While being uncharacteristically short, the missive does include directions… to a castle in a region that has been unoccupied for longer than most ven can recount. There are also rumours that those who have ventured to this region did not return… which may explain the odd post script, If you wish to arrive in a fair state, follow these directions to the letter.

Guests of Telrúnya Mwrr


  • The Senate has voted to allow Shanri Magic to be practiced openly.
  • Veth are starting to refuse to do their jobs, even attacking their lords in some cases.
  • Szaas found a ritual to pull Nobody out of the dream realm. It takes a relic of Shanri and Nobody’s body.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda decided to investigate the library of military tactics and noticed a statue that looked like Telrúnya’s veth holding a summoning bell in one hand. The one who rings the summoning bell is cursed by the bell to become one of the servants when they die. Shadow veth can reform.
  • An orc relic of Shanri would work in place of a ven relic of Shanri because some orcs worship Shanri.
  • There are twenty-eight permanent portals that will not go away.
  • Szaas found a cursed orcish relic to Shanri. It is a green rock. The relic leaves an orcish tattoo on Szaas’s face. The tattoo marks her as the property of a powerful ork tribe.
  • There is a Serpent suaven known as The Record Keeper. His true name is written in his relic scroll.
  • Shaina owes The Record Keeper all of her memories up to this point, including the Kama Sutra Temple and her purpose in regards to Shanri. She also owes him the future memory of her success.
  • Mahl was devoted to Shanri until she passed into solace.
  • Shaina Silja entered the Sacred Realm in order to gather information. With that information she went forth to gather a relic of The Record Keeper in exchange for her memories. She returned to the althua with no recollection of anything minus her sense of self, her purpose, and the names and appearances of people (but not her relationship to them).
  • Rahna Drew’s land is on the coastal region near The Wolf Isles.
    Rahna Drew forged a connection with the artifact library in order to access its secrets from anywhere.
  • The suaven who possessed Nobody is mentioned in the library of artifacts! He founded the Serpent Archive. He knows the name of each ven trapped in one of the yrbinti dice. He was the first Inquisitor.
  • There is a book in one of the libraries on the original banes of the olivanna.
  • Ikhalu was an Elk before entering solice.

Season Actions

  • Shaina Silja went into the Garden at the Temple of Talia to steal a rose of Talia.
  • While visiting Sithic Jasnine’s winter retreat, Shaina Silja stole The Bloody Quill.
  • While Tavir was overseeing the transport and relocation of relics and artifacts of Jonan Drax to the new temple, Shaina procured the pen Drax used to write The Laws and broke off a root from The Tree of Law.
  • Shaina bribed a temple guard to look the other way at the Temple of Talten Steele.
  • Shaina distracted another temple guard at the Temple of Talten Steele to snatch a fragment of The Shattered Throne.
  • Shaina Silja offered a number of resources to the Temple of Manna Renay. In so doing, she was able to roam he grounds, and snuck about until she could take her hearthstone.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season to reap five resources.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season and a resource to pack and move the shadow ven statues to Castle Wolf.
  • Shaina meditates in order to contact The Record Keeper to find the way to his resting place.
  • Dagul Sheeda spent a season to liberate all of the books of military and dueling knowledge from the libraries.
  • Sithic Jasnine explored for Dagul Sheeda as a contact.
  • Dagul Sheeda hired roadmen for Sithic Jasnine as a contact.
  • Dagul Sheeda trained the roadmen he hired for Sithic Jasnine at his academy.
  • Sithic Jasnine spent five season actions infiltrating the Senate records.
  • Sithic Jasnine spent ten season actions conquering a new province.
  • While in the Sacred Realm, Shaina discovered the location of relics/artifacts of the olivana, the sorcerer kings, and Telrúnya Mwrr. She was able to get them — one of which was a replacement for the sorcerer king yrbinti dice (as though they are too difficult to obtain).
  • Szaas looted the dark magic library.
  • Baron Dagul Sheeda took all of the swords from the libraries at Castle Eirilac.
  • Shaina was able to steal a chunk of orichalcum ore used to create Falvren Dyr’s sword.
  • Shaina used Jonan Drax‘s pen and Sithic Jasnine’s quill to write a poem on The Record Keeper’s parchment in a sorcerous ritual to bind all of the stolen artifacts/relics together in order to appease Shanri and to eventually destroy the remaining sorcerer kings.
The Artifacts of Autumn Althua
Hosted by Rahna Drew


Written below are the fateful words that were received by the guests to the most fateful event known in the annals of ven history only as, “The Artifacts of Autumn Althua.” Delivered unto the ven nobility by lowly veth couriers, these words were inked onto vellum and sealed with the characteristic storm-bringer wolf motif of the then baroness Rahna Drew.

Fellow noble ven. Because I’ve been given my own lands for surviving the great Storm, You are invited to join me in an althua celebrating my journey. Bring with you artifacts with stories to tell, and listen to tales of the Dungeons I explored during my travels! Hospitality will be granted to all who bring artifacts as a gift for The Red Wolf. If you cannot bring an artifact, tales of artifacts including where they may be found may be accepted instead, by my decision. Food will be served, a recipe of the ancient ven. The meat of the wild birds once common to the region of the first Houses and the vegetables of the old farmlands. Come, join, and share tales of artifacts

What follows, then, is the tale of the what transpired during this ill-fated event.

Guests of Rahna Drew


  • Baron Dugal Shedda gave Rahna Drew one of the Cursed Swords from the library of the Suaven of Doom, within Castle Eirilac, it was Identified as the cursed blood sword of the Red Wolf.
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf; (Powers it uses The Sorcerer’s Curse, to curse the wielder’s opponent. It does so based on the number of wounds it does up to it’s rank 5 rating. The curse states, “You shall not perform sorcery.”
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf curses it’s wielder, preventing them from using sorcery or from negating any sorcery that would affect them.
  • The Blood Sword of the Red Wolf was a rank 4 Cursed Blood Sword, and was upgraded to a Rank 5 Cursed Blood Sword.
  • Tvar Thali knows that Shaina Silja disappeared and lost her memory at The Althua of Overdue Education.
  • One of the Rajan knows where Shaina Silja vanished to during that althua, but is not willing to share nor divulge the information, this person is a member of the serpent House of Jalan, and has connections to the spider,
  • The Rajan are planning to muestigale Shara Eshu
  • Shara Eshu is shipping unmarked freight boxes to Dagul Sheeda’s Wolf Islands for his wedding!
  • Tavir Thali and Alayna Thorne met each other while they were in the Ork Lands During the time he was exiled. She granted him hospitality and food.
  • Cat’s and small Ork’s are enamored/fond of Alayna Thorne and can often be found nearby.
  • Dagul Sheeda’s Grandmother is now a lingering spectre and is living in the temple where her bones now lay.
  • Shaina Silja is starting her penance with Jonan Drax as she broke the law.
  • Rahna Drew knows the location of an artifact that is between her lands and the Wolf Islands. She may go there on her way to Dagul Sheeda’s althua.
  • Shaina Silja is creating works of art to be turned to relics that will replace the artifacts she used in the ritual.
  • Suaven will eventually emerge from solace as Sorcerer Kings

Season Actions


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