The Fallen Serpent

Formerly the Baroness Fay Valar, now a lasting lesson of the reach of Ikhalu and His Cult. Slain at the Lady Shaina Silja’s Althua, the Revelry of Roses, the body of this Ven served as the resting place for the Ikhalu bouquet of the The Bouquets of Hidden Disgrace for more than a year.

Permanently altered to take the form of bluebells, the House flower of the Serpents, the bouquet and Fay Valar’s body were joined until mysteriously vanishing to ash the day Dia Ballan was unmasked. A pool of black blood now marks the place where the Fallen Serpent was created, and this mark can never be removed or covered up. It is whispered among the cult of Ikhalu and those who stay too close to the shadows that this is His message to all. The stain of Ikhalu is forever etched upon the souls of Ven. If, that is, the Ven had souls, which every sane Ven knows they do not.

This relic was desecrated very shortly after it’s creation by followers of Talten Steele to retrieve a petal of the Roses of Love and Hate. Those followers have earned Ikhalu‘s wrath. According to rumor, the Bouquets of Hidden Disgrace have been united since Fay Valar’s body vanished.

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