The Bouquets of Hidden Disgrace

Created from the Blood of Jonan Drax and Ikhalu, these two bouquets reveal the hidden negative aspects of the ven who holds them

  • The bouquets will change color when passed to another Ven, reflecting black, or, if they possess a card from the Flower Sets with a negative meaning, they will reflect that color.
  • When both bouquets are held by the same Ven, they invoke Dire Peril on the holder.
  • When the bouquets flash, there is no escaping your dire peril.
  • They were created as part of a plot for Ikhalu and Jonan Drax to woo Shaina Silja into being a Q’val for the one who wins her favor.
  • Adding a flower to a bouquet changes the bouquet to match that type of flower.
  • If a flower associated with a House is added to a bouquet and remains there for a full season, that house will fall under the shadow of the bouquet’s current color.
  • When two Ven exchange bouquets, only one bouquet will change colors.
  • Ikhalu’s bouquet had merged with the body of Fay Valar to form the relic, The Fallen Serpent for over a year before the body of Fay Valar mysteriously vanished on the day Dia Ballan was unmasked.

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